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TREE believes that if we keep continuing with our heritage we can preserve our culture. With this views TREE started its culture and development activities and also using folk media in other development activities. In 2002 TREE started to work with the potter community to know their culture, heritage and changes in livelihood.

Technical and Marketing Support for Traditional Crafts of Bangladesh
Crafts people of Bangladesh have a long tradition and cultural heritage, which also has enrich our national culture and heritage. But in the course of time and due to non-patronization of Bangladeshi crafts a large section of occupational groups are on the verge of extinction. Concerned about the situation TREE has started a network and is supporting a market access program for skill development of traditional handloom and crafts producers with particular emphasis on women, which will help them to develop relation with wider world and get entry with their products into the world market so that we can make a bridge with the global market and world heritage. In 2005 we have provided training to 40 women on different trades i.e. boutique, stitching, cutting and small business management. The aim of the activity is to explore the potential and skill development of women in rural settings. TREE supports all these activities from its own fund.

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Capacity Building of Women through ICT 
The goal of the project ‘Including the Excluded’ and Capacity Building of Women in Bangladesh’ is to create space for women to participate and learn about ICTs and its applications and to assist in developing improved information network for high human capital, endowments and confiscating opportunities what would lead to significant increase in cash flow. Findings show that a model of women empowerment can be developed through building their capacities and get them connected with wider information network by harvesting benefits from ICTs; and through accessing cyber space a collaborative women development program can be initiation. Findings also show development of a small-scale women network at local level that would be linked to the global networks will enhance inwards outwards information flows for them. Creation of affordable and viable income generating activities and micro enterprise development by women based on ICTs; setting up of specific tailored ICTs applications and service programs including equal access to ICT-related education, training and entrepreneurship opportunities and equal access as producers and consumers of ICTs through public and private partnership for women can benefit them. Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology of Bangladesh funded the project. For implementing the next phase of the project TREE is looking for other development partners.

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