TREE Crafts

Promotion of Indigenous/traditional Crafts and Empowerment of Women Empowerment, Indigenous Crafts and Creation of Employment in Rural Bangladesh


Have launch a pilot project on above issue to explore the existing local practices as well as potential future initiatives taken by the communities as adaptation and mitigation measures to face climate change vulnerabilities. However, the specific activities of the project as follows

·         Capacity build up of the local group and grassroots media people to visualize local climate related problem and community resilience    

·         Conduct small scale research on local initiatives on various aspects related peoples live and livelihoods threatened due to climate change.

·         Involved the young star and school 

·         Explore local innovative idea to adaptation and assist in replicate in other area         

·         Organize workshops and seminar at local regional and national level

·         Advocacy campaign for mitigation with other group at local national and international level.   

·          ** Where adoption is within community and mitigation is to far reaching but reachable and it is the industrial and more carbon emitting countries moral responsibility but brining them to cut their emission at certain level as they     

Goal and Objective

The general objective is to sensitization of group of people and organization to act against global warming and also to explore prospective local initiatives on climate change. Furthermore, place some recommendation and suggestion to policy makers and other stakeholders.

Specific objectives

Ø       To disseminate information among general and specific groups regarding immediate and long term impact of climate change on lives and livelihoods of local communities;

Ø       To raise awareness on future impacts of climate change and local level initiatives such as community, local government body, farmers, fisher folk and so on;

Ø       To identify pro-environment traditional practices and coping mechanism with climate change and future preparation.

Ø       Publishing of good practice in a form of case study, story or writings